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Dance the night away in Victorian finery!

Following the success of the last four balls we organized, (Spectacular Masquerade in 2013 and the Victorian ones in 2015, 2016 and 2017), we are now returning to our beautiful venue, the amazing Assembly Rooms, in the historic city of Bath.

You can read about the  2015 ball here, an about the 2016 ball here !

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Pass the night away dancing polkas, waltzes and quadrilles; swanning around in ball gowns and tailcoats, sipping drinks, nibbling delicacies from the finger buffet and posing for professional photographs.

The dances will be mostly called and explained by our wonderful Dance Master - Stuart Marsden, and for those who would like a bit more practice there will be dance workshop earlier in the day.

There will be a cash bar at the venue, and a finger buffet ( meat and veg options) will be served mid evening to revive the spirits and body.


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Over 18 please, (16 plus if accompanied by an adult) 


Please note, it is not a re-enactment or role playing event. Be yourself and enjoy yourself!
 This is an inclusive event - all nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities  etc are welcome - as long as your passion is history of fashion, dancing etc, and you are appropretly dressed,  you are cordially welcome.
In the past years the ball attracted visitors ot only from all over the U, but from the USA, Ireland, Russia, Neatherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary and Finland  - and probably some more!






Dress code -
Black tie, Victorian. We are aiming at a high level of authenticity - and the previous balls  were remarkable especially for the high quality of clothing - either made bespoke, hired or  homemade. We wish to continue this trend and drive the quality even higher as more and more people  comment on how incredible the feeling is -  live music, dimmed lights, silk and lace swishing around,  past elegance at its best!
There is a support group for those who make their own attire, as well as specific costuming/corsetry courses over the year.
For those who prefer  to purchase their finery,  there are a few companies, ours included, who are offering discounts for the ball goers as well, whether for bespoke or off the peg items. The list of the official dressmakers, milliniers, tailors etc who offer the discount will be published in a few weeks and updated regularly.
 Good quality Victoriana  is welcome too, and if you are new to the world of historical balls and want a taster before you  embark on a sewing hobby, modern evening attire is acceptable -  Long skirts required,  no strapless dresses or nudity please.
 It is much easier for gents - modern black tie is fine!
 This is not a Steampunk, Goth, Cosplay or  Fantasy event - there is a number of other balls catering for these themes.

 Victorian Ball 2017-36-Pano-20



The 2018 sub- theme is Natural Form Era ( 1876-1882)


This is completely optional, if you want to participate, that woudl be amazing and all the dressmaking info etc will be focused on that period.
Throughout the year I will be posting information, advice, tutorials relevant to the style etc - plus there will be further perks for the ones making their own garments.


If this is not a style you want to go for, that is not a problem at all, you will be just as fine wearing bustle, belle epoque, or crinoline- the most important thing is that you feel fabulous in whatever you are wearing:-)


   Important notice: Ladies, please  remember that long trains are a trip hazard.  Natural form is famous for spectacular long trains - and that is fine. Have the train, flaunt it on the entrance, flowing after you,  display it fully for the photos, but for the dancing,  all the ladies are required to hold their trains up, or pin them up or bustle them. It will not only be a historically authentic thing to do ( period dancing books  do advise that as well, rather a lot!), but it will be much safer both for you, other people, and your dress.  You will also enjoy the dancing much more not having to  worry constantly about tripping over....  So be fabulous - but safe too
Victorian Ball 2017-50-26
Prior Attire will not be liable to any damage  to garment or body that results from a train dragging on
the ground...


Current perks for ticket holders - just as last year, the list will be expanding over the next few months!:


 1.Prior Attire, Dressing HistoryPinsent  Tailoring,  Virginia Crawford and Kitty Power Costume are offering 10% off the labour prices if you commission an attire for the ball. 












Just like in the previous  years,  to revive us after the ball, we will be meeting at Pump Rooms for breakfast on Sunday (booking a table advisable - most of us is booking for around 10am). The food is amazing, the building spectacular and  live classical music playing too - a perfect background for a Victorian matinee:-)

 In the previous years we would add more activities before or after the ball - picnics, carriage rides, boating trips - I will keep you posted what the plans involve for next year...


 All the updates will be posted both here and in our facebook event 





 To help with decisions, a board with Victorian ball fashions for the First bustle era has been set up on Pinterest - Here


Menu - 


Hot dishes:

Jerk chicken with coriander yoghurt
Cod and chips with mushy peas
Leek & Bath Ale rarebit with onion confit

Cold dishes

West Country chicken liver parfait with Somerset apple jam
Quickes Cheddar scones with red onion chutney


Mini lemon & raspberry tarts
Coffee & chocolate choux pastries

 Special dietary requirements catered for - please  leave  note when purchasing your ticket, or contact me a month prior to the event.




Timings -


the dance workshop -  3pm, Assembly rooms


 The Ball

door open at 7 -drinks, photography and socialising

 8pm. dancing commences

 9.15pm  Break for buffet and drinks

 10pm dancing continues till 11.30

 11.45pm  Carriages

 12.00 Good night.... :-)





 We will practice most dances during the workshop, and they will be also explained , and called at the ball  -so  dont worry about your abilities, just join in, most of them are simple and easy to follow. If you have ever danced at a Georgian or a Regeny ball, Victorian is not that much different:-)

 When you receive your tickets, the carnet du bal ( dance card) will be attached, so that you can plan and book the partners ahead:-)



Please note that the tickets are fully refundable in the 14 days from purchase, no refunds will be given in the month of the event.



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