Bespoke Clothing




If you are interested in placing an order, please fill in our enquiry form. We will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the particulars of your order – sizing, style, level of authenticity, fabrics, trimmings, costs, delivery method and expected completion date. All the particulars will be discussed, agreed on and a contract will be issued for every customer, specifying the details of the order, time of delivery, method of payment and  general Terms and Conditions.

 Please take note that we make items from  Anglo Saxon to Edwardian era - however, we do not make 19th century men's clothing  (with a few exceptions for Regency military uniforms) -  the coats, trousers and Victorian waistcoats are just not our cup of tea, and I would recommend a tailor, not a dressmaker to cater for  men's outfits. Also, we do not make cosplay, fantasy or modern clothing -  but happy to recommend people that do!

 All out items are made bespoke - and as such  measuring and fitting sessions will be required to assure the best fit. If you live nearby we are happy to arrange for a meeting to take your measurements personally, or we can meet you at one of the markets we frequent.  The fittings etc will take place in our studio in Clifton Reynes, Buckinghamshire, and appointments are available during the weekdays, 10-16.

Please note, the visits to the studio are strictly by appointemnt only - for the clients who have a signed contract  and are coming for fittings/consultation. 

If you are unsure as to what clothing, materials, techniques etc you need, we provide a consultation service prior to your booking - at £50  the foundation research is done for you and you will receive all  information pertinent to your order -   pictures and examples of clothing suitable for the station and purpose, list of fabric requirements , notions, decoration etc, as well as links to providers of milinery, jewelley and accessories suitable for the persona you wish portray.  If you later decide to place the order, the consultation fee will be waivered - deducted from your deposit.

 Please book well in advance - we tend to be fully booked for about 8-12 months in advance.  We are sometimes able to cater for last minute orders, especially if they are simple garments, so please drop us a line! An order is only considered as booked when the contract has been signed and deposit paid.

 We are also providing clothing made to generic sizes - available in our Online shop.  There is not much as we tend to be busy with commissions, and whenever we add new items they tend to go quickly, but we are working hard on replenishing stock as much as we can - so please check regularly to see newly added items:-). Stock items are  priced lower than bespoke garments - mostly because they do not require fitting and measuring sessions etc, so if you see  items that would work for you it is well worth snapping them up.Usually generic items like petticoats, skirts, chemises, sleeves, corsets etc  are the most popular as they offer substantial savings without compromising the quality.



Authenticity standards

We aim to provide our customer with garments as close to the original as possible. We realise however that for some of our customers the 100% authenticity is not the most essential factor and in such cases they would be unwilling to pay elevated prices for regency ball-28features that they deem redundant. To address the problem, we offer our items in three categories, ranging from the most expensive Business option to the modestly priced Economy one.
 1. Business.
The garment is entirely hand stitched using linen/wool/silk threads. If necessary, we may assist in sourcing hand-woven fabric and natural dyes. The embellishments are handmade and are correct for the period. Please note that from about mid 19th century machine stitching is indeed authentic:-)
2. Standard.
The garment’s main seams are machine sewn and then couched down by hand  so that no machine seams are visible. Hem, neck, cuffs, lining are finished by hand as well. Buttonholes are hand stitched unless specified otherwise. Woollen, linen or silk threads are used for all stitches.
3. Economy.
As above, but the interior seams are not couched down ( overlocker used instead), the buttonholes are machine made, some parts of the lining and trims may be machine sewn as well. Victorian and Edwardian items may have inside seams finished by an overlocker too.Most, though not all of the off the peg items in our shop will fall into this category. 
Fabrics: we use mainly wool, linen and silk, and cotton as appropriate for the period. Calico may be used for interlining in the economy version. We are happy to work with the fabric provided by a customer and then, although we will advise the customer on what fabric is appropriate for the chosen period, the authenticity of the fabric is at the discretion of the customer,  but as a rule, we reserve the right to decline the commission if fabric is not suitable for the period.
All our garments, regardless of the category, are well researched and are usually based on the original items, paintings, sculptures and woodcuts.
Please note, we no longer make fantasy/steampunk items. 



Once all the details of the commission have been agreed, you will be provided with a quotation. We will require a deposit, usually around 40% of the total price: that will usually cover the price of fabric, trims etc. We are happy to use fabric supplied by our customers, and in such a case the deposit will be around 30%. Once the work has been started on the garment, the deposit is not refundable.

The total price, including the post and packaging fee, is paid before the item is shipped, within 2 weeks of the notification of the completion of the order. We will keep unpaid items for a month and after that they will be advertised for sale.

We accept Paypal, bank transfers and cash.  At the markets and in our online shop we can now accept credid and debit cards too!


We can, and often do provide fabrics suitable for the outfit - but bear in mind that we will not use wrong fabrics for historical garments ( ex. cotton velvet or chenille for medieval, poly silks etc). We can provide wool, linen, cotton,  silk ( mostly James Hare) and we do not  charge  retail prices on them - if the James Hare silk cost us £40 per metre ( with VAT and transport charges), we charge exactly that - not the retail price of £80. 




These prices are meant to act as guidelines only : they are based on the simplest styles in economy finish ): the actual price will depend on the style, fabric or decorations used.

These prices are per labour only, not including the cost of the fabric or embellishments.

Prices include measuring and fitting sessions.

 All commissions will be made under contract - specifying all details of the outfit, delivery costing, deposit etc.


Medieval Garments



 Smocks £70  Anglo Saxon couple

Kirtles     (unlaced) from £160   (laced) from £250

Surcoats (fully lined) from £180  

 Gowns (fully lined) from £350

Men Shirts from £90  

Tunics from £90  

Cloaks from £140  

Doublets (fully lined) from £250  

Gowns (fully lined) from £350  

Chaperons from £80


Tudor and Elizabethan1785 riding habit2



 Smocks from £90  

 Stays - from £350

Kirtles from £250  

Bodices from £200  

Petticoats/skirts from £100  

Gowns from £450



Shirts from £90  

 Breeches from £180

  Doublets or jerkins from £300  Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard

 Gowns from £250


17th Century



Smocks from £90   

 Skirts from £100  

stays: from £320

Bodices from £300  

Gowns from £400


Shirts from £90

  Breeches from £180  

Doublets from £300  

 Coats from £190  

Casaques from £300


18th century    anglaise pink1



 stays from £350  

petticoats from £100  

 pocket hoops from £90  

 jackets from £250  

Robe anglaise, polonaises etc from £420                                                       

 Robe francaise from £550  



 shirts from £90  

 breeches from £190  regency ball-1-2

 waistcoats from £170  

 Frock coats etc from £550    


19th century  




 Stays/early corsets from £300

  shifts from £90

  petticoats from £100  


 dresses from £300

edwardian outfits july 2014-20

   Spencer jackets from £200

  pelisses from £350 

Riding habits from £400

 Military waistcoats -  from £350

Military dolmans etc - from £700




chemises from £70  

drawers from £60   

combinations from £90   

 Corset covers from £50  

Bustle cages from £100  

 crinoline cages from £220

 Petticoats from £90 -£150 depending on style  

Flounced petticoats from £120  

corsets from £350

  skirts from £170  

overskirts from £130  

bodices from £350  

july stock photoshoot-125

Mantles, dolmans, etc from £150





 Riding Habits

 Please note we only make historical riding habits - we do not make fantasy or concurs outfits loosely based on historical fashions, and we do not make modern sidesaddle habits either - a different area of expertise!

Our habits are designed to be worn over period correct undergarments ( stays for 17th-18th century, corsets for 19th) and will  be make using correct materials and decorations.

kathy riding habit 1860-4

 Labour prices examples ( do not include fabrics or undergarments):

 18th century habits -  from £430

Regency habits - from £350 

Victorian habits - from £450


 We do occassionally have sample and stock habits available in our shop - these are  made to generic measurements and are offered at very attractive prices. We also stock Victorian riding corsets ( or make them bespoke) - so check our shop first!



Post and package

Post and package is not included in the overall cost of the garment, and will differ depending on the weight of the parcel and what service you prefer. We will give you an estimate before invoicing you – and if it turns out less that we had expected, we will refund the difference.


Returns are accepted on all our shop items- the garment is to be sent back within 2 weeks in unchanged condition and unworn. We do not accept returns on custom orders.


We are happy to give a 10% discount on multiple orders (3 items or more) if the items are commissioned within a period of 2 months.


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