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  VD volume 1:

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  VD Volume 2

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 Victorian Dressmaker's Companion -  Hats, Caps and Bonnets




* Why is shipping so much?

 the shipping ie exactly as much we are being charged by the Royal Mail. Nothing is added, packaging is not being charged. Alas, nowadays postal prices are high - the books are over 1kg, and sent insured with tracked services.

 On a plus note Royal Mail service has prooved exceptional over the last few years of sending books out - out of a few thousandas only 5 were delivered with minor damage ( and exchanged without problems),  and 2 got lost. 

* Are the patterns my size?

 The pattern diagrams are one size and you will have to change them  to fit you - the process is described in detail in the books.

*Do you sell wholesale?

 I can, depending on circumstances, please contact us before purchasing

* How much is it in dollars?

 The prices are in British pounds, please  use either your bank or the online service to get the exchange rate.

* Can I buy 2 books?

 Yes, but they will still be sent separately. Their combined weight is over the magic number of 2kg and that makes shipping much more expensive. If there is a way for me to send them together at a cheaper price, I will do so and refund the difference.

* can I use the book 2 without book 1? 
yes- if you are already familiar with the Victorian dressmaking techniques and if you already have undergarments sorted out. Petticoats, chemises, skirt supports and standard corsetry are covered in book 1 - no need to repeat the same material in the other book. 

* Are there custom charges to pay?

 Books are 0 VAT in the UK, so no VAT charges to pay here but there might be   VAT, handling and custom charges, depending on your country's  rules.





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