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 In this section you will find habits suitable for historical equitation, especially side  saddle - mostly Victorian, Regency and Georgian.

 All the habits available here are off the peg garments and have been used for a photoshoot; they are  either close copies or replicas of existing items, or inspired by fashion plates, or if not based on a specific example, all the cut, styling etc is suitable  for the period in question. As stock items, these ones are  usually made in our 'economy range' - with modern inside finish.

 We do offer a bespoke service on habits - for details please see the Bespoke Clothing section . We can recreate any historical style up to the late Victorian, but we don't make modern habits and aprons, and we do not make  fantasy or mixed style concours costumes.

 Please note, that for the majority of habits, period underwear will be essencial (corsets for victorian ones, for example, stays for the Gerogian etc).  These can be either purchased as stock iems or ordered bespoke.

Bespoke items will require up to 3 fitting sessions.



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