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Corseted waistcoats FAQ .. 

What are the waistcoats?

they are created to help support a bust for those ladies who cannot wear bras ( like me) or find them uncomfortable. If you have a well fitted bra that works for your, you don’t need one. If you are riding in a corset and are happy with it - you don’t need one either. Please note I am making a clear distinction here between need and want... :-)

* but is it a corset? will it give me a tiny waist? It will streamline your silhouette and there is a slight waist reduction built in - enough to support the bust comfortably. But it is not a tight-laced fashion corset. They are supposed to feel close, a bit restrictive, but comfortable - like a good hug. If they don’t, they you have a wrong size/ need a bespoke made/ simply don’t work for you. Some people simply do not like close fitting garments!
* but will it stop the bounce? It will help control it, but there are no miracles. Depending on your size/ chest , built/ fit of the waistcoat etc, they may either stop it completely, or just limit it. Remember that your body moves when you are riding - so bust will move with it.... But I am 34F and I use them without a bra ( just wear a soft cotton bralette underneath the shirt) and the control I am getting is compared to that of a well fitted sport bra. Please note: for control, your boobs will be flattened - do not expect conical perkiness...
* Corsets are restrictive! - to some extent, yes - but they are also exercise items, and both the waistcoats as well as the riding corsets provide back and bust support, with a good hip and waist flexibility. You man not want to do advances gymnastic in them, but you will fine for riding, hunting, sidesaddle or astride. Elastic inserts and bias cut panels help the flexibility as well.


 Please note that wearing an incorrect size or incorrect use of a corset might result in  health issues.  Corsets can be beneficial in certain conditions - but detrimental in others, so if you have a back/ spine/rib condition please check with your doctor prior to purchasing one.  A well fitted corset should feel like a  hug and should not cause any discomfort. 

If you need a corset to help with any issues, please consult and order bespoke with a profesional medical corsetiere who would be able to  design the amount of support  suitable to your needs.

 It is recommended that only ladies over 18 years old wear and buy corsets.

Prior Attire will not be liable for any medical issues caused by incorrect fit or incorrect/prolonged wearing etc of our corsets.

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