Victorian Ball, Bath 04/05/2019 - Shop


Dance the night away in Victorian finery!

Following the success of the last five  balls we organized, (Spectacular Masquerade in 2013 and the Victorian ones in 2015, 2016, 2017and2018), we are now returning to our beautiful venue, the amazing Assembly Rooms, in the historic city of Bath.

You can read about the  past events here: 2015 ball here, an about the 2016 ball here   2017 here  and 2018 !


SOLD OUT! if you are interesd in atending, do contact us - there is usually a waiting list in operation in case there are any cancellation. Any folks who cannot make it are usually selling their tickets on the  FB event  group too!


 Before purchase, please see all the relevant information on the ball, dress code, timings etc - here 



Please note that the tickets are fully refundable in the 14 days from purchase, no refunds will be given in the month ofin the last 2 weeks before the event. If your plans change, you can sell your ticket, but you will need to inform me about it an provide detaisl of the new ticket holder before the cut-off date - 19th April. After that no changes in the guest names' etc are possible alas!



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